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Will COVID-19 change the face of automation?

Are times changing? Historically, the United Kingdom has been slow on the uptake of automation technology, yet a new study by Pod Group reveals the UK may be on the cusp of a new surge of workplace and industry automation.

  • 73% of UK business leaders expect the COVID-19 pandemic to spark a new wave of automation in the workplace.
  • More than 7 out of 10 respondents believe automation technology will in fact benefit employees.
  • 62% of UK decision makers envisage the acceleration of plans to automate processes as a result of coronavirus.
  • Over one-third of participants share the opinion that at least 3 in 10 roles will be automated.
  • 34% cite cost savings as the primary driver behind the need for industrial automation.

Will the current global climate be the final tipping point for the adoption of automation technology in industry?

Download the full report for a complete insight into the response Pod Group received from 500 UK business leaders, from across a range of sectors, regarding the impact COVID-19 could have on workplace and industry automation.

Download the full report here:

Will COVID-19 change the face of automation?

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