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Published on February 03, 2017

The topic of monetization in IoT was hot in 2016 and continues to be a hot topic in the new year. Last year at IoTDevCon, Sam Colley, CEO Pod Group USA, added his voice to the influencers striving to show how to get long term value from the booming IoT expansion. In terms of revenue, the market potential is clear, but there is no one-size-fits-all monetization model for the IoT because the needs of different companies vary hugely. The secret lies in the solution itself, because in order to ensure return in the IoT marketplace, it is services more than products that will be essential. Pod Group’s focus on and dedication to R&D, coupled with a growing list of IoT ecosystem partners, allows us to continuing creating and offering valuable services to the IoT market.

It is unlikely that a single company will be able to supply all the services an IoT ecosystem will need to function. A partnership of cooperating businesses will be the fastest and most effective way to deliver a viable solution to the marketplace, with each offering expertise in their particular area. Pod Group developed the Pod Partner Community (PPC) to promote and reinforce the collaboration and partnership that we believe leads to a successful solution in the IoT market. If the analytical centre is the brain of an IoT system, with various devices comprising the senses and responses of the entity, the nervous system that links them and makes all activity possible is connectivity.

PodM2M’s data connectivity solution is poised to be this focal point, the power behind the hub and the means for a connected system to transmit data seamlessly, continuously and reliably.

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