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WEBINAR: Private LTE Networks for Industry

Published on April 24, 2020

Alistair Elliott, Pod Group’s CTO Networks, gave an eye-opening presentation on the benefits of Private LTE as part of the IMC’s Industrial IoT Summit.

Speaking about the many advantages of private LTE for industrial enterprises, Alistair used the example of a smart factory to illustrate the challenges of connecting an industrial site, the costs and coverage restrictions involved in WiFi and ethernet connectivity, and how private LTE solves these connectivity issues in a number of ways.

Watch Alistair’s presentation, Private LTE Networks for Industry, here, to find out about how private LTE increases the security of industrial IoT applications and allows for additional network security services, how it provides the network slicing capabilities and high speeds of 5G before it becomes widespread, and allows for completely customized networking both on-site and roaming internationally.

Interested in learning more about Private LTE?

To find out more about the many benefits of private LTE, and get more details on successful use cases and how to implement this networking solution yourself, watch our webinar with IoT Now, and get answers to all your questions about private LTE for enterprises.

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