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Webinar: Deploying Private Cellular Networks: Extending Beyond the Campus

Published on March 09, 2022

Webinar: Deploying Private Cellular Networks: Extending Beyond the Campus

Deploying and scaling a private cellular network (PCN) across your enterprise is a daunting prospect. But private networking doesn’t have to be a headache, and the benefits of extending your network on- and off-site can allow you to consolidate, scale, and expand your business into new revenue streams.

Beecham’s latest webinar on deploying and managing private networks features Alessio Piussi from Pod and Sharath Muddaiah of G+D as expert speakers exploring the pitfalls and promises of deploying private cellular networks and discussing ways in which you can gain ownership over your network, track and monitor assets from site to site, and keep your data secure even while roaming between private and public spectrum.

The webinar also covers several industry use cases in detail, explaining how PCNs can be deployed on-site with additional network security features for total peace-of-mind, how they enable seamless connection to the public spectrum for global roaming and tracking, and how enterprises can tailor their IoT connectivity precisely and infinitely depending on their ever-changing needs. Most importantly, however, Alessio and Sharath explain how enterprises can take control over their network and gain complete ownership over their connectivity with flexible and future-proof SIM technology.

Watch the webinar today and receive Beecham’s accompanying report: ‘Secure Private Networks: Enabled Worldwide, Managed Locally by the Enterprise’. 

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