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Towards Enterprise Ownership of the IoT Network

Published on February 24, 2021

Towards Enterprise Ownership of the IoT Network


Day 1 of the IMC’s IoT Days: Winter 2021 saw some of the most influential IoT solutions providers gather to discuss the latest trends in IoT. Pod Group CEO, Sam Colley, discussed the role of private cellular networks, eSIM, and security as a managed service in the shift towards enterprise ownership of the IoT network.


Meeting the demands of Enterprise IoT

The boom in enterprise IoT deployments has given rise to the need for enterprises to manage and control the connectivity of thousands of connected devices, yet many traditional cellular networks cannot meet the very specific requirements of IoT applications. So, what is the solution?

From the introduction of increasingly IP-based networks, enabling enterprises to bring more of the network architecture under their control, to recent spectrum auctions (for example, CBRS in the US), whereby companies have the opportunity to acquire spectrum to build their own private networks, the enterprise is set to play a much more prominent role within the IoT connectivity landscape.

Over the last few years, the concept of private cellular networks in the IoT space has been gaining momentum. However, it is more than just a trending topic. The flexibility and control afforded by private networks hold the key to transforming operations, workflow and business processes across all industries.

It’s not all about private cellular networks, though. The advent of eSIM (Embedded SIM) and eUICC technology removes the dependence of the enterprise on any one network operator by allowing network profiles to be provisioned and swapped in and out remotely Over the Air (OTA), and such control and flexibility is synonymous with future proofing.

The question is, how do enterprises go about gaining in-house control of their IoT network? And how can enterprises protect against today’s evolving and increasingly complex cyber threats?


The rise of the Enterprise Network Operator

Watch the presentation, The Shift Towards Enterprise Ownership of the IoT Network: Combining eSIM, Private Networks and Security as a Managed Service,” on demand now and discover how a new class of service provider – the Enterprise Network Operator (ENO) – offers the enterprise increased control and visibility of their IoT connectivity.


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