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The People behind Pod

Meet our heads of department and find out how they contribute to the mobile ecosystem.

Charles Towers-Clark

Charles Towers-Clark founded Pod Group in 1999 when M2M was in its infancy. Over the years he has transformed the company into a leading IoT connectivity and platform provider. Charles is an expert in IoT, AI and the Future of Work and is a regular contributor to on these topics. His book, ‘The WEIRD CEO‘ discusses the impact of AI on the future of work and the need to change the way companies operate to cope with the challenges of the next industrial revolution.  

Sam Colley

Sam has specialized in business development within the global M2M/IoT ecosystem for over 8 years having worked in the UK, Spain and North America. Currently Sam is CEO of Pod Group USA and is based in San Francisco, where he runs all North American operations. Since being in the USA Sam has helped establish Pod’s reputation as an MVNO in the market, built out a successful partner program and continues to actively help expand Pod’s global footprint.

David Hambling

David Hambling has a hands-on business development style, and has worked with one of the largest Telcos in Europe. Attracted by our philosophy and business model, David moved to Pod Group in 2014. With a strong public relations background and interest in telecoms, David is taking an active, personal approach to expanding Pod’s footprint in the Asia Pacific region.

Alistair Elliott

Business development professional with 20 years of experience in the telecoms sector. Over the past ten years Alistair has worked with a number of disruptive service providers in the global roaming and M2M / IoT space. The head of Pod Solutions, Alistair’s expertise as a network engineer means he can solve any problem facing the mobile ecosystem, with a solution tailored to your application.

Howard Yung

Howie Yung has extensive expertise in sales, marketing and business development working for Mobile Startups and Fortune 500 companies around the world. Howie focuses on developing long term, mutually beneficial customer relationships across all sectors in the US market.

Mirjam Bulsink

Mirjam Bulsink began her business development career working for a market-leading multinational based in The Netherlands. Mirjam’s expertise in implementing growth opportunities allowed for an easy transition to Pod Group, where she promotes business expansion within the European market.

David Boxshall

David Boxshall has built his career as a business development manager specialising in electronics. After holding a business development and project management role at a leading electronics manufacturer, David came to Pod Group in 2017 to head up our UK team.

Israel Toruño

With over 20 years of experience in business development, management, and marketing in various enterprises throughout the region, Israel works closely across departments to ensure full cohesion between Central America and our other offices around the world.

Gerardo Trejo

Gerardo has diverse experience in network engineering, business development and operations. As the director of business development in Mexico, he works holistically with clients to help them overcome any obstacle.

Amy García

Amy García is responsible for our global marketing and communication strategy. She has over 20 years’ experience in PR and marketing, working with international Telcos such as Alcatel Telecom, Telefónica, and BlackBerry. Before joining Pod Group in 2011, Amy was Managing Director, Spain at Hotwire PR, specializing in the hi-tech and telecoms industries.

José Félix Ontañón

Félix Ontañón is a network virtualization specialist, with vast experience developing open data strategies for public bodies as the co-founder of OpenKratio. At Pod Group, Félix is responsible for research and development with emphasis on our geo-redundant network infrastructure.

Tania Kinal

Tania oversees the operational goals, processes and initiatives of the Group. Passionate about technology, Tania has in-depth knowledge of diverse business functions and applies her technical expertise to find innovative solutions.

Haris Spourdalakis

Haris has over 10 years experience in customer service and business administration, working for industry-leading organisations such as IATA, the international airline trade body. At Pod Group, he is responsible for Human Resources, and he is fluent in Greek, English and Spanish.

Ruud Scheltinga

Ruud Scheltinga has over 20 years experience in the telecommunications sector, both in finance and management. Ruud joined Pod Group in 2015 and is responsible for the group’s financial planning strategy. He is fluent in Dutch, English and Portuguese.

Raúl Fernández

Raúl is the director of the technology department at Pod Group, and oversees the development of our billing software and improvements in the business workflows. With experience coordinating projects in numerous technology companies, Raúl is an expert in the Agile methodology.

Anna Stergioula

Anna Stergioula began her career working with Business Intelligence and data visualization. She worked for Greece’s major Expo center in Account Management before becoming a Financial Controller for Regional Administration in France and then joining Pod Group in 2015.

The Pod Group Team