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Tagmarshal – GPS Tracking Device Example

Published on December 10, 2019


Tagmarshal’s GPS-based system improves course flow and optimizes the golfer experience.


Tagmarshal struggled to find a supplier that could meet their requirements for connectivity across different countries and networks.


Pod’s multi-network SIM cards and Single Network Native solution


Traditionally, teams of marshals on a golf course would manage the flow of play and ensure that golfers weren’t holding up players behind them. They would need to manually identify and locate slow groups of players, requiring time and many resources. With Tagmarshal’s system, all the information about where players are on the course and how long they are taking to complete the hole is now sent back to marshals via GPS devices. The marshals see this real-time data on an analytics dashboard and can go directly to the teams that are causing the issue. This saves time and fewer resources are needed, as the process is more efficient. Having the analytics, allows Marshal’s to proactively intervene, in a neutral, objective manner. This means potential issues can be resolved before they affect other players. This system improves the experience for golfers and helps golf courses to streamline playing times and maximize their revenue. As the game flows faster the players are able to spend more time after golfing in the bar or restaurant, which increases overall revenues for the golf club. Shorter rounds also create additional tee sheet capacity, generating revenue. The whole system allows golf courses to improve the player experience, optimize operational efficiency, make data-driven decisions based on data insights and reporting. This can be used to benchmark performance over time and is useful for reporting purposes.


Tagmarshal’s solution uses a GPS system and app-based software with a back-end dashboard. Small “tags” which are attached to golf bags of walkers, caddies or carts. 2Way screens are installed in carts or offered as mobile devices attached to golf bags. These transmit geolocation data to the event directors at tournaments, to marshals or to the pro shop or golf office at golf courses. Industry-leading algorithms identify risk groups, enabling accurate, objective support to alleviate pace challenges before they arise. This enables golf course management teams to control the pace of play, resulting in improved flow and a better playing experience for all golfers on the course. Backed by over 10 million golf rounds tracked and with its on-course data accumulation, movement of course play is balanced and golfers enjoy an excellent playing experience. Tagmarshal is in use at over 250 clubs, courses and resorts worldwide, including many where major championships have been held such as East Lake Golf Club (PGA Championship), Erin Hills (2017 U.S. Open), Valhalla (2014 PGA Championship, Pinehurst Resort & Country Club (U.S. Amateur Championship) and Carnoustie, site of the 2018 Open Championship.


Tagmarshal needed a connectivity provider who could ensure their solution had access to robust, reliable connectivity in a variety of countries and in areas where different networks offered the strongest signal. For simplicity, they wanted to deal with one global connectivity provider who could meet all their needs. Tagmarshal was looking for a one-stop-shop connectivity provider who could keep their devices connected no matter where they were located. They wanted a simple, intuitive platform that they could use to manage their connectivity and monitor their SIM usage. Pod IoT Suite comes with insights into every aspect of your account, including advanced SIM diagnostics and troubleshooting. With Pod IoT Suite it’s simple to monitor your SIMs and act quickly to resolve any issues.


Tagmarshal offers two solutions. Tagmarshal classic tags are tracking devices that can be clipped to a golf caddy and relay data in real-time from the device back to the marshal or golf manager. They have a second device which is a tablet. It requires a higher bandwidth data SIM card as it can send messages. Tagmarshal appreciates that with Pod they are able to tailor their data plans. ‘One of the main benefits is the flexibility offered by Pod in the size of the data bundles which can be customized to include very small bundles required by Tagmarshal Classic Tags. Other connectivity providers don’t offer this,’ says Bodo Sieber, CEO and Co-Founder of Tagmarshal. It’s important for Tagmarshal that their solution be intuitive and easy to use at all stages. Pod Group’s API allowed for easy integration with Tagmarshal’s systems, meaning that they could set up and get started quickly. ‘We are very happy with the service we receive from Pod, particularly the centralized management via the user interface and the fact that it is very user-friendly. This gives Tagmarshal the ability to effectively manage the flow of data, allowing us to deliver data insights to our partners in real-time, leading to on-course optimization,’ continued Bodo Sieber. Happy customers are a top priority for Tagmarshal. They know that excellent customer service and prompt replies are a crucial part of achieving this. They are pleased to work with a company that shares their values for prompt, first-rate customer service. ‘The technical support is amazing, really top level and truly 24/7. The fact that Pod has global offices operating right across the world means that support is always available, and we appreciate the level the team go to when resolving technical queries. Customer success is central to Tagmarshal, and Pod helps us to deliver exceptional service to our partners,’ added Bodo Sieber.

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Tagmarshal, the leaders in golf course intelligence software, improve the golfer experience through on-course optimization, pace and flow of play management.

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