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Subex Security – ‘The Global Threat Landscape Report 2019’

Published on March 03, 2020

Subex, one of Pod Group’s trusted technical partners, have published their annual report on the state of IoT security, entitled ‘The Global Threat Landscape Report 2019’.

The report goes into depth about how threats have been evolving over the last year, what new threats we have seen, and where in the world cyberattacks have done the most damage. One of the key takeaways from the report is that reconnaissance attacks (attacks that breach a system to find information for a more damaging attack) have been increasing at an alarming rate, making up 24% of all attacks worldwide. In the US, the swing from malware to reconnaissance attacks was even greater, with reconnaissance representing 37% of attacks compared to 19% for ransomware.

Compiled from data taken from Subex’s global honeypot network, the results showed that cybersecurity threats are getting more sophisticated, more persistent and harder to trace – which makes resilient and adaptable IoT security even more important to address before it is too late.

Download the report here, and explore Pod Group’s range of advanced IoT security solutions here, to protect your devices whatever risks they face.

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