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Strategic partnership with ATrack

Published on February 03, 2017

ATrack Technology Inc., a world-class designer and manufacturer of GPS telematics products and valued member of the Pod Partner Community (PPC), continues to add value and device options for service providers and System Integrators in a wide range of IoT verticals. ATrack currently has devices deployed in over 140 countries worldwide and are continuing to expand their global footprint, as well as the features and products they offer. While their hardware is best known for being used in fleet and asset tracking, IoT verticals such mining and construction, oil and gas, and security all use ATrack devices, highlighting the versatility of the solution depending on what the specific service provider wants to focus on.

ATrack provides customized modifications to meet project-specific requirements and is constantly adding new features to products within its existing portfolio. The ATrack team’s focus on R&D, their support of flexible and customized solutions, as well as their exceptional technical support all make them a great partner and hardware supplier alike. Remote, roaming, and mission critical IoT applications require an additional level of resilience that is not provided by many traditional telematics solutions. The combination of ATrack’s robust telematics hardware and PodM2M’s resilient data connectivity solution makes this partnership especially relevant to telematics solution providers looking to provide a stable solution with built-in redundancy and a means to keep devices operational in the field for longer.

“Real-time communication with backend office and stable cellular connectivity are important components in many GPS telematics and asset tracking solutions,” says William Hsieh, ATrack’s Sales Director North America. “With ATrack’s proven hardware products that reliability detect, analyze, and report data from sensors, and Pod Group’s multi-network global SIMs that provide strong cellular coverage, our solution partners can reliably deliver mission critical information to users who need it”. For more information about ATrack and the products and services they offer, visit their website.

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