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Springboard – IoT in Retail Case Study

Published on January 14, 2020


Springboard measures customer activity, demographics, and sentiment to provide accurate data for retail destinations.


Springboard needs to ensure devices stay connected and that new SIMs are delivered in a timely manner.


Pod Group provides robust, reliable connectivity coupled with 24/7 customer support.


Informed decisions require accurate data. Springboard is the leading provider of data and intelligence on customer activity in stores and retail destinations. From pedestrian counting and demographic profiling through to sentiment and path of movement analysis throughout a destination; Springboard’s services monitor customer behavior at the finest level of detail. The retail landscape is constantly changing, and in recent years customer activity data and reporting have been crucial to understanding how bricks and mortar stores are performing. Springboard provides every customer measurement in one place; this is the heart of informed decision making. By using Springboard’s tracking and monitoring solutions its customers are able to gain valuable insights into visitor behavior, and present reliable results to investors, retailers and prospective customers.


Springboard measures customer activity, demographics, and sentiment to provide accurate data for retail destinations (malls, downtowns and districts operating across the UK, Europe, and North America). Springboard does this by using pedestrian and vehicle counting technology, mapping visitor path of movement, retail sales analysis and tailored reporting. Springboard also enables its customers to identify the success of stores through their capture rate, which monitors the volume of customers outside a store, versus the volume of customers entering. Springboard provides additional insights behind the data collected, reporting on emerging trends and patterns across the retail landscape.


Springboard needs reliable connectivity that is trustworthy 24/7, working seamlessly and without fail. A number of Springboard’s IoT applications are located in remote areas and the company needs to be sure that all devices will stay connected, and that new SIMs can be delivered in a timely manner. ‘We have complete trust in Pod Group, and specifically Sam and Tania, who will always go above and beyond to deliver. An example of this is when we’ve been installing in locations within Italy and the US on numerous occasions, often late in the afternoon and in the middle of nowhere. Sam and Tania have always managed to deliver SIM cards to us before 10 am the next morning,’ Chris Clutterbuck, Technical Solutions Manager at Springboard. With offices in Hong Kong, Spain, the UK, and the US, Pod Group offers 24/7 support to its customers.


Robust, reliable connectivity coupled with excellent customer service. Our multi-network and multi-IMSI SIM cards offer robust, reliable connectivity, even in remote areas. Our 24/7 expert customer support is a big part of why Springboard trusts Pod Group with a key element of its business. With offices around the globe, Springboard knows that a team of approachable IoT experts is always on hand. ‘We’ve worked with Pod Group since 2011 and we have always received brilliant customer service and maintained good personal relationships with Sam Colley and Charles Towers-Clark. Tania has always been the Pod Group tech whiz and is very helpful day or night – our team still depend on her hugely,’ said Chris Clutterbuck. At Pod Group, we provide practical troubleshooting advice to ensure that our customers stay connected, no matter where their SIMs are located. Our SIM cards come with the ability to be provisioned and updated Over The Air (OTA), meaning that updates can easily be performed on SIMs in remote locations without needing to remove them from the field. ‘We can’t fault the customer service and the knowledge that the SIMs will work first time out of the box. This has undoubtedly given us the confidence to use Pod Group’s SIMs all over North America and Europe,’ said Chris Clutterbuck.

About the Company

It is challenging for brick and mortar stores to capture the same wealth of data that ecommerce sites have access to. Using pedestrian counts, demographic and sentiment analysis within retail destinations, Springboard enables its customers to gain valuable insights into customer behavior that would otherwise be lost.

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