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Software Specialists Find Triumph Through Adversity

Published on February 03, 2017

Adventure racing is the ultimate endurance test, an extreme sport that pushes competitors beyond any normal limits, demanding the fastest completion of a rigorous course through challenging wilderness. Competitors are tasked with cycling, running and canoeing over hundreds of kilometres, not to mention extra superhuman challenges along the way, sustained only by protein packs snatched on the run and scant moments of rest.

bike handlebars with GPS tracker

Tracking the race

Through their participation in this arduous mixed team activity, the software developers from Trileuco Software Solutions have found the inspiration and motivation that drives them to develop uniquely versatile custom built applications for the web and mobile devices. A prime example is their cutting edge events platform, Track the Race. www.trileucosolutions.com “As we were ourselves competitors in this discipline we immediately knew which were the important variables to consider. We wanted a system which would set a global standard for safety, control and dissemination of adventure sport events”, explains Marcos Muiño, adventure racer, co-founder of Trileuco Solutions and developer of Tracktherace.

Tracktherace is a platform behind a website which displays all the relevant event information, including a map of the course, participants’ details and race information, as well as sponsor messages, multimedia information and links to social media. In addition, the platform helps manage registrations and payments online.

A critical aspect of all participants’ devices is that they maintain a network connection wherever they may be located. “One of the main reasons why organizers implement our system is so that they have the security of knowing the participants’ whereabouts at all times”, continues Marcos. The ever-increasing range of connections available through PodM2M’s multi-network data SIM card means that coverage is assured wherever in the world devices are active, and to smooth the process further each Pod Group SIM card comes pre-programmed, ready for multi-network connectivity. The software specialists at Trileuco Solutions feel that sport is an essential part of being human. They have taken the lessons learned through extreme team endurance and embodied them in their software, delivering applications which are efficient, versatile and future ready.

Connected via Pod Group’s global multi-network solution they combine to create an end-product which will triumph even through the greatest adversity.

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