Let your SIM card do the hard work for you

IoT SIM cards don’t have to be a one-trick pony – with Pod Group’s intelligent SIM applets you can add more functionality to your IoT solution without lifting a finger

Combine Pod’s custom connectivity with intelligent SIM applets deployed Over the Air (OTA)

SIM based Zero Touch Provisioning & Automatic Device Onboarding

Eliminate the hassle of manually provisioning and onboarding your SIM cards

Reduce complexity and increase scalability

Facilitate massive deployment of IoT devices globally. Having the tech on-SIM means that device modules can be simpler and more cost-effective at scale.

Reduce device manufacturing costs

Moving expensive cryptographic operations onto the SIM chipset means that security firmware development costs are significantly reduced.

Increase IoT Security with SIM-to-cloud encryption

The device telemetry data is encrypted with the SIM pre-shared keys. Only your Device Management platform will be able to decrypt it.

Applets conceived to get even more from your eSIM

The ultimate in remote control

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IMEI Locker SIM Applet

Authorize which IoT devices and SIMs can register on the network

Control Network Access

Control the list of authorized devices that can register on the network.

Prevent IoT SIM Removal

Prevent SIMs being used in personal devices and avoid bill shock from misuse.

Track Stolen SIM Cards

Real-time tracking of any IoT SIM card stolen from a connected device.

Update The Device Whitelist

Modify the whitelist at the point of order or when the SIM is in the field.

FPLMN Watch SIM Applet

Control which networks your IoT SIM cards can (and can’t) connect to

Prevent Devices Restricting Access To Open Networks

All networks will remain open, even if access is forbidden by your device.

Forbid Registration On Suspicious Networks

Mark any suspicious local networks as forbidden to deny access.

Update The List Of Forbidden Networks Remotely

Modify which networks appear on the forbidden list at any time.

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