Award-Winning Smart Shipping Labels Powered by Cellular Connectivity

Discreet and lightweight labels tracking valuable goods throughout the supply chain

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Paper-thin form factor and printed battery for minimal weight. Adhesive layer for easy application to any surface.


Unprecedented level of detail that belies its minimal form, including location tracker, temperature sensors, and accelerometer.


Receive notifications when the shipment enters key points along the supply chain and when the label has been broken.

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Modernize Your Supply Chain

See the Smart Label in action with Walbing’s Track & Pay Service!

“With Walbing’s Track & Pay, companies are no longer at the mercy of banks when it comes to getting paid. Payments are initiated by the shipment itself, thanks to the Smart Label. This powerful form factor makes it possible to track and pay for shipments on a box-level basis. With Track & Pay, you can be confident that your payments will be processed quickly and efficiently.“

Joerg Hoerster, CEO·Walbing

Leverage Your Data with the LEAP Platform

How it works

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The LEAP Platform from Lufthansa Industry Solutions is used to see the location and condition of your goods.

The paper-thin tracking device, developed by SODAQ, is capable of transmitting real-time location data and more.

Connected to Pod Group’s LTE-M SIM technology, ensuring maximum uptime along the supply chain.

Track Your Shipments, Leverage Your Data

More than ever, your business is evolving. With the possibility of customizing its configuration for any logistics application, the Smart Label provides a seamless integration and full flexibility for current and upcoming challenges. The tracking device can be easily integrated into your daily business – simply track, we do the rest.

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Be one of the first to revolutionize your supply chain and stand out from the rest of the pack, with features including:

Increased traceability of parcels or packages with geofencing

Location reports to highlight key points in the supply chain

Temperature monitoring of perishable products

Reusable hardware created with recyclable materials

Completely printed battery

Power-optimized embedded software for low power IoT

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