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IoT Security

IoT security devices are becoming more sophisticated every day. Pod Group’s flexible data plans, capable of supporting HD CCTV streaming or motion-sensor monitoring, allow security companies to rest easy with customized pricing to suit your needs.

Our IoT SIM cards offer truly mission-critical connectivity, connecting to the best possible signal on start-up and switching to the next available network in case of an outage. This makes them ideal for IoT security solutions, which must stay connected at all times.

Mission-Critical Technology

  • Multi-IMSI network-switching technology offers maximum uptime
  • Multiple backup networks to ensure consistent connectivity
  • Protect your IoT application with our security solutions

Flexible Data Packages

  • Per-SIM rates to cater to your usage requirements
  • High or low bandwidth options for all security applications
  • 600+ networks in 185 countries allow you to scale easily

Multi-Network Coverage

  • Best signal on device start-up
  • Resilient coverage even in remote areas
  • Maximum uptime even in patchy coverage areas

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