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IoT in Transportation

Pod Group has been serving the transport sector for twenty years. We have refined our tracking and monitoring capabilities to give fleet telematics operators the robust connectivity they need. Pod IoT connectivity is the perfect fit for transportation and logistics, making tracking and monitoring easier and more efficient.

Our Multi-IMSI applet gives our SIMs the power to intelligently select the best possible signal and switch networks in case of an outage. This ensures you stay connected even in remote or inaccessible areas. It also allows you to provision new networks Over the Air (OTA) without physically accessing the device.

Future Proof

  • Over the Air (OTA) provisioning
  • Remote management of network profiles
  • Add new networks to devices in the field

Resilient Connectivity

  • Robust, resilient IoT connectivity
  • Best possible signal on start-up
  • Intelligent network switching

Global Connectivity

  • 600+ networks in 185 countries
  • Customized coverage plans at a flat rate
  • 24/7 expert support from a multilingual team

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