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Our Sectors

IoT Sectors

Pod Group offers specialized IoT connectivity solutions to a wide variety of industry sectors.


IoT in Retail

Pod Group offers the retail industry secure, scalable coverage. We offer private APN, fixed IP, and VPN options to secure your retail IoT device.

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IIoT - The Industrial Internet of Things

Our rugged SIMs offer IIoT applications OTA provisioning of new networks, intelligent network switching and No Single Point of Failure resilience.

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IoT Asset Tracking

IoT tracking devices require unrestricted coverage with maximum uptime. Pod Group offers customized coverage plans on 600+ networks across 185 countries.

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Emergency Services

IoT in Emergency Services

IoT emergency services applications have the highest need for reliable connectivity. With Pod Group’s Multi-IMSI technology they’re in safe hands.

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IoT in Healthcare

Mission-critical healthcare applications benefit from Pod’s sophisticated security services and robust, reliable connectivity.

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Consumer IoT

Our data packages are designed for complete flexibility and we offer coverage on 600+ networks in 185 countries.

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IoT in Transportation

Our SIMs are ideal for the transport industry. They provide robust, reliable coverage - even in remote areas and across borders.

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Energy and Environment

IoT Environment Monitoring

We specialize in remote and mission-critical connectivity and offer flexible, fixed-rate data packages on 600+ networks in 185 countries.

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IoT in Security & Safety

IoT security devices require infrequent data packets and a foolproof connection - Pod’s SIM cards have both locked in.

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