Webinar: Private LTE Networks for Enterprise by Alistair Elliott

Private LTE Networks for Enterprise


Recently, Alistair Elliott, Pod Group’s CTO Networks, was invited by host Graham Hart-Ives, Head of IoT Sales at JT, to join him and David Traynor, Head of IoT Strategy, for the September edition of their monthly webinar series.

In the session, Mastering IoT Connectivity with JT: Private LTE Networks for Enterprise, the industry experts gave a detailed insight into private networks, how they are built, and the ways in which this advanced connectivity solution can benefit enterprises. They also provided several example use cases to highlight the sectors that are leading the way in deploying Private LTE technology.

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Private LTE Networks for Enterprise

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Alistair Elliott

CTO Networks

Alistair heads up Pod Group’s solutions business where he is the principal strategist and architect for Pod Group’s technical services.

Posted: October 07, 2020