Webinar: Private LTE Networks for Digital Health by Alistair Elliott

Private LTE and IoT Healthcare Networks


Last week, at the first of IMC’s virtual IoT Days 2020, Alistair Elliott, Pod Group’s CTO Networks, shared his insights into Private LTE and the advantages this networking solution can offer digital and connected health.

After looking into the reasons behind the drive towards digital technologies in healthcare, Alistair discussed the challenges faced by the industry in finding an IoT connectivity solution that can meet their demands, particularly in light of the large volumes of confidential patient data, before going on to talk about how Private LTE can solve the issues surrounding connectivity in the healthcare space.

Alistair’s presentation, Keeping the ‘Private’ in Private LTE: IoT Healthcare Networks and Data Security, gives a detailed insight into the latest innovations in private networking solutions for enterprises, whereby customized, high-performance networking on healthcare premises can be extended into the patient’s home. You’ll also discover how Private LTE offers the network ‘slicing’ capabilities of 5G, as well as additional security services, such as device quarantine, which are crucial to safeguarding IoT applications and the mission-critical devices used by healthcare organizations.

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Private LTE: IoT Healthcare Networks and Data Security

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Alistair Elliott

CTO Networks

Alistair heads up Pod Group’s solutions business where he is the principal strategist and architect for Pod Group’s technical services.

Posted: September 15, 2020