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Four Key Elements for Sustained IoT Success by Sam Colley

Four Key Elements for Sustained IoT Success – How Pod Group Solves The Most Common IoT Problems


Beecham Research has written an exclusive report about how Pod Group’s extensive range of IoT services can solve the most common IoT problems. 

The report describes solutions to the problems highlighted in Beecham’s original research ‘Why IoT Projects Fail’, which cites that a staggering 74% of companies consider their IoT projects to be unsuccessful, with only 12% seeing complete success.

The research found a wide variety of issues that stop IoT projects getting off the ground – including choosing the wrong connectivity, inadequate security, trying to ‘do-it-yourself’ and simply not seeing ROI – and their follow-up covers how Pod Group can help companies overcome these obstacles.

The Keys to Success

Beecham’s new report, ‘Four Key Elements for Sustained IoT Success’, offers practical advice on how best to connect, manage, bill and secure your IoT project to help guide you to success.

Covering the complexities of IoT connectivity, securing your network, and opening new business models, Beecham recommends Pod Group’s services as an expert in launching and scaling successful IoT deployments.


Pod Group’s services are designed to remove barriers to growth… they ensure the success of IoT projects from the start – Robin Duke-Woolley, Beecham Research


Click on the button below to download the report:


Sam Colley

Pod Group CEO

An expert in telecoms, Sam drives growth through the development and implementation of a global sales strategy, targeting key high potential markets, particularly in the USA.

Posted: March 11, 2020