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White Paper
Why Private LTE is the Smart Choice for Digital Health

By: Georgia Palfrey

Discover the many benefits of private cellular networks for IoT connected healthcare applications, from network slicing to mitigating the risk of cyber attacks.


Why Are Smart Cities Such a Tempting Target for Hackers?

By: Alistair Elliott

Smart cities are growing in popularity with city planners. Unfortunately, they’re also growing in popularity with hackers. I’ve written about…


74% Of Companies Are Unsuccessful With IoT – Beecham Research Investigates ‘Why IoT Projects Fail’

By: Alice Gillam

Although those in the know have seen real improvements, a shockingly large amount of companies have seen no success with…


IoT Security Threats Increase in Europe

By: Alice Gillam

The world of IoT is a fast-moving one. New innovations and changing technology standards come along rapidly. However, there is…


Securing Smart Cities

By: Alistair Elliott

The buzz around smart cities is undeniable. Even though definitions of what, exactly, a smart city is can be hard…


Will Edge Computing Make the IoT More Secure?

By: Alistair Elliott

Edge-based computing, processing of data at the edge of a network rather than in a centralized cloud location, can bring…