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White Paper
Why Automate? To Get a Head Start in Digital Transformation

By: Georgia Palfrey

Find out how harnessing automation technology to leverage the power of data can help enterprises on the path to digital transformation.


CES 2020: Where Were All the Women?

By: Alice Gillam

As we come away from another year at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show), we are reminded of something that we…


IoT Tech Helps Oil and Gas Industry’s Skills Shortage

By: Alice Gillam

There has been much hype about IIoT (Industrial IoT), with promises to improve efficiency, reduce risks, and increase profits. Along with…


Sharing is Daring – How to move to a recurring business model

By: Alice Gillam

Moving to a recurring services business model, or joining the ‘sharing economy’, is not an easy task. Whether you are…


Missing in Action: The Underrepresentation of Women in Tech

By: Alice Gillam

Author: Maya Tutton In his 2016 address at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Intel CEO Brian Krzanich argued that if…


Changing Business Models: Closer, Better, Faster, Stronger

By: Alice Gillam

At the end of 2017, there are very few aspects of our daily lives that have not become instant –…