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idrive – Automotive Telematics Case Study

Reliable connectivity for GPS fleet monitoring


idrive’s IoT telematics device measures driver behavior, records video, and plots routes.


Continually on the move vehicles need reliable connectivity at competitive rates.


Future-proofed, cost-effective, reliable connectivity from Pod Group.


With an estimated two billion vehicles expected on the world’s roads by 2035, and commercial vehicles making up a quarter of these, driver safety and management has become paramount. Nonetheless, road safety laws are routinely ignored, and in 2014 around 100 people were killed in US road accidents every day.

Added to the emotional toll of accidents are the economic costs. In a time where businesses must strive to remain viable, additional costs through damage, injury, or harm to business reputation are hard to bear.

For companies that employ fleet drivers, there is a double responsibility, to ensure that their drivers are safe and that they are responsible road users. idrive have developed an all-encompassing video surveillance system, which monitors events within the vehicle and also the road ahead, ensuring drivers are safe in every respect.

The Application

The idrive X2 video recorder records two HD videos simultaneously, featuring panic button and driver recognition capabilities. Fitted with ultra-wide lenses and microphones, this small handy camera can capture events in front and behind the vehicle, even in the dark.

‘When a driver pays more attention to the rules of the road, there are many benefits,’ says Sean O’Neil, CEO of idrive, ‘Not only will the presence of these devices elicit greater concentration, but their footage can be used to train other drivers.’

Another important benefit of idrive’s system is reducing fuel consumption through driver training and route optimization. ‘Lower speeds combined with slower starts translate into a 20% decrease in fuel costs,’ Sean points out, ‘In the current climate, being not only financially frugal but environmentally friendly is a huge plus.’

Sensors incorporated in the device can detect hard braking and acceleration, aggressive driving, swerving, speeding, and open doors. Any of these ‘trigger events’ will cause the device to save the video recording immediately before and afterward, providing a clear picture of the moments surrounding an incident. When combined with the 3G module, the video cameras provide real-time insights into the vehicle, so clients can monitor and observe their entire fleet from any desktop or mobile device.

The GPS facility comes with a route plotting and ring-fence option, with alerts if a vehicle goes out-of-bounds. Equally, if vehicles need to pass through areas where video recording is forbidden the GeoExclude feature can stop recording while the vehicle is in that area.

The Problem

When devices are installed in busy, continually moving vehicles, it is essential that they can constantly transmit data to HQ, and that changes can be made without having to interrupt the workflow of the fleet. Added to this, idrive devices needed to be deployed anywhere in the world, without losing connection or having to manually access devices.

Discovering Pod Group gave idrive the connectivity it needed to consolidate their service, make their devices more resilient against outages, and pass on the benefits to their customers.

Pod Group’s data SIM cards can be configured remotely Over the Air (OTA), and our Multi-IMSI application allows the SIM card to change from one International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) to another automatically should the card lose signal, ensuring that idrive’s devices can stay continually connected.

Facilitated by the unique connectivity solution and flat data rate provided by Pod Group, idrive were able to enhance their service and offer the reliability their devices require. 

‘Working with Pod Group allows us to provide excellent global coverage for all of our customers worldwide,’ explains Kelli Cosio of idrive Global. ‘We chose Pod Group as our provider because of the ease of use and competitive pricing.’

The Solution

idrive’s hardware is perfectly complemented by Pod Group’s resilient multi-IMSI technology, OTA provisioning and flat rate roaming across borders. Together these technologies will grow and improve as the IoT expands. 

As an additional service idrive offers in-house data analysis for customers, relieving managers of the task and ensuring that their fleet data is being professionally monitored. 

idrive, in turn, knows that they can rely on Pod Group for 24/7 expert technical support from a team with 20 years of first-hand experience in the IoT sector. ‘We have received excellent service and support’, declares Kelli, ‘Thank you Pod Group!’

idrive’s association with Pod Group means that they can confidently supply a sophisticated service integrated via reliable, intelligent and continuous connectivity, and future proof their devices however much their business expands.

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