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We’ve got 20 years’ experience in the IoT and M2M connectivity world, a team of in-house experts and a lot of wisdom to share. Check out our infographics, white papers and blogs for the latest in-depth information on the world of IoT.

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MEF Webinar Summary – Global IoT Connectivity

By: Alice Gillam

Our management expert Alistair Elliott was a featured industry expert on the MEF’s latest Internet of Things webinar ‘Maximising the…


IMC Webinar Summary – IoT Connectivity for Smart Asset Tracking

By: Alice Gillam

Pod Group’s CEO Sam Colley was featured on the IMC’s latest webinar, ‘IoT Connectivity for Smart Asset Tracking’ to discuss…


74% Of Companies Are Unsuccessful With IoT – Beecham Research Investigates ‘Why IoT Projects Fail’

By: Alice Gillam

Although those in the know have seen real improvements, a shockingly large amount of companies have seen no success with…


Case Studies

Find out how real-world companies have used Pod’s products to deliver on their key metrics, scale affordably and expand their business.

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West Lancs Scouts

GPS tracking helps Scouts to explore safely.

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Springboard provides valuable customer behavior insights for retail destinations.

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Golf course intelligence software

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