Pod Protect

Keep your data flowing into the right hands.

 Proper IoT security is vital. IoT solutions are vulnerable to attacks as many cannot host traditional firewalls or anti-malware.

Pod Protect is an agentless IoT security monitoring product from Pod Group, capable of monitoring billions of devices and their data transmissions. 

Using a three-tier detection strategy: signature-based, heuristics and anomaly-based, it identifies and flags threats as they occur on the network. The threat database is updated in real-time with signatures gathered from 48 honeypots located in key cities around the world.

Pod Protect allows for the seamless movement of healthy network traffic within your IoT solutions, while alerting you to anything suspicious as it learns which traffic is normal for your device.

Pod Protect is compatible with even the simplest of IoT solutions and can be applied to any existing system with no extra effort. Pod Protect enables you to scale your IoT deployments without compromising on security. 


  • Multi-tier detection strategy: signature-based, heuristics and anomaly-based
  • Machine learning algorithm compares its findings with real-time global threat updates to improve detection
  • Zero latency
  • No compute power, applications, or integration required from you