Pod Connect

Pod Connect is an enhanced connectivity solution designed for security-sensitive IoT solutions such as healthcare, banking or government services.

Pod Connect links directly from the Pod network into your data center or a cloud service, without ever touching the public internet. This creates a private data channel that is as stable and secure as possible, providing total peace of mind for mission-critical applications.

A VPN offers an extra layer of encryption to IoT solutions, but data is still routed over the Public Channel, and therefore still exposed to security threats.

Pod Connect provides all the advantages of a VPN but does so using private, dedicated connections, as if they were part of your own network. This ensures that data is transmitted quickly and safely without risk of interference – offering greater security for your IoT devices and solutions.

Pod Connect is delivered over Metro Ethernet connectivity as a Layer 3 service. We have multiple connection points in Europe and the USA to provide geographical redundancy. It provides optimal quality of service, security, and capacity for even the most demanding IoT solutions.


  • A completely secure communications channel
  • Significantly decreased delay means devices can communicate in real-time
  • Much higher capacity than a public internet connection
  • Packet loss is minimized or eradicated