White Label IoT Management Platform

All the IoT solutions management features and functionality of Pod Manage under the branding, color scheme and URL of your company.

Pod Manage gives you full insight into all your SIMs and can be white labeled with your branding, to provide IoT solutions management for your customers’ SIMs as well.

By white labeling Pod Manage you can view all aspects of your account as well as your customers’ accounts while controlling what they have access to under your company logo, title and color scheme.

Pod Manage makes it easy to take care of your connectivity and your customers. With activation powers, usage statistics and data limits, you can customize accounts depending on your customers’ requirements.

You can use our API to integrate whichever of our services you choose with your existing portal. 

The white label version of Pod Group‘s IoT solutions management platform comes with all the same features and functionality, but with your branding, logo, customized URL and color scheme.


  • Our API to integrate our services with your existing portal
  • The ability to provide connectivity as part of your offering, generate recurring revenue and ‘own’ the customer end to end
  • All the features of Pod Group’s SIM management platform - Pod Manage - with your company’s branding and URL