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M2M & IoT SIM cards don’t have to be a challenge

There is a huge choice of providers out there, but not all of them can fully support your IoT connectivity needs. When looking for a Global IoT & M2M SIM you must strike a balance between flexible and IoT-specific rates, local or global network coverage, reliable IoT connectivity and expert support – but your M2M application needs it all to grow as it should.

Pod Group has over 20 years of experience in IoT connectivity, so our Enterprise SIM cards have everything you need to launch and scale your application.


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What type of M2M SIM Card do you need?

Single Network M2M/IoT SIM Cards from Pod

Single Network Native SIMs

Our single network native M2M SIM card USA provide our US based customers with reliable and cost-effective solutions for scalable local IoT solutions.

Contact us below and tell us where you need coverage, and we will work to get you the best local rates for your IoT data SIMs.

The best local rates

Perfect for static IoT devices

Manage all US and Canadian networks in one modular platform

Global Multi Network IoT/M2M SIM cards

Multi Network Global M2M SIMs

Pod’s multi network SIMs are the backbone of global IoT connectivity across the globe. We have coverage on over 600 networks in 185 countries.

Contact us below if you need global coverage or in specific regions, and we will work to get you the best IoT data plan available.

Global roaming IoT SIM cards

600+ networks in 185 countries

User-friendly IoT connectivity management platform

Worldwide Multi IMSI & Network SIM Cards

Multi IMSI SIM cards for ultimate reliability

Our multi IMSI SIMs automatically switch networks in case of an outage, to keep you connected wherever you are in the world.

Contact us below to learn more about our resilient multi IMSI network infrastructure, and our global network-switching technology.

Best possible signal for roaming

Combine with eUICC for embedded reliability

Manage all IoT SIMs in Pod IoT Suite

IoT SIM Connectivity in every form factor

Multi Form Factor Pod IoT/M2M SIM cards

Standard, 2FF, 3FF & Embedded SIM cards

We provide every form factor of IoT SIM card, to fit any device.

Whether you need an M2M SIM for a GPS tracker, or want to explore eUICC and embedded SIM technology, we have the solution for you.

Contact us for SIM specifications

One platform for all your IoT SIM connectivity management

Pod Group IoT Platform

Control it all from Pod IoT Suite

Our complete modular platform, Pod IoT Suite, allows you to manage connectivity, accounts and users, subscription billing and security, all in the same place.

With an easy to use interface and comprehensive management and SIM diagnostics, Pod IoT Suite has it all, right at your fingertips.

Push the boundaries of your IoT connectivity with Pod.

We’re a leading M2M Sim Card Provider.

Contact us to talk about your M2M connectivity needs today

Push the boundaries of your IoT SIM connectivity with Pod

Contact us to talk about your connectivity needs today

Pod's Global Coverage

We have local IoT SIM connectivity experts around the globe

Not only do we provide global IoT connectivity and global coverage, we are a global company too.

Pod has offices in six countries across four continents, with local M2M experts ready to help and provide the most reliable and cost effective Enterprise SIM cards for your application.

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What our customers say

alemetics logo
Luke Kerich, Technical Director

Alemetics Systems

“We needed global SIMs so we chose to work with Pod Group. Compared to all the other IoT M2M providers their technology and the power to manage our own SIMs is excellent.”

kali care logo
Navid Afsarifard, Co-founder


“Pod’s expertise in multi-network technology has made it easy for us to deploy our systems globally as we continue to lead remote monitoring in clinical trials.”

tahmo logo
Rebecca Hochreutener, Operations Manager


“Although connectivity in Africa is not always simple, Pod Group has been able to provide reliable services and a very good and responsive support team.”