FPLMN Watch SIM Applet

Ensure your IoT SIM cards and devices won’t restrict registration to an open network.

With the FPLMN Watch SIM Applet, you have the ability to forbid or allow your device to connect to specific networks. You can control the list of forbidden networks even once your IoT application is in the field.

The Forbidden PLMN (FPLMN) is a list stored on the IoT SIM card. Carriers use it to avoid the device connecting to forbidden networks. Some devices manipulate the list too, and sometimes it leads to limitations in service, especially in roaming scenarios.

The FPLMN Watch applet from Pod Group gives you control over which networks are allowed and which are forbidden, even once the IoT SIM card is in the field.


  • Peace of mind that your device won’t restrict registration to an open network
  • All networks will remain open, even if your device forbids them
  • The ability to mark as forbidden any suspicious local networks with any new SIM card order
  • Remote modifcation of the list of forbidden networks at any time, even when the SIM is already in the field