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Subscription Management

Easily integrate mobile services from multiple MNOs within a single billing and operational support system.

Our subscription management solution is a key part of our IoT platform, Pod IoT Suite. This in-house platform was developed by Pod’s dedicated software development team, who brought their detailed knowledge and experience to the project.

With the subscription management solution you can easily integrate mobile services from multiple Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) within a single billing and operational support system.

It also offers micro-service architecture, facilitated through cloud services, to deliver a horizontally scaled solution ready to provide resilient high-capacity services.

Our subscription management solution offers flexible middleware micro-service integration using RADIUS / Diameter Gy/Gx, CDR feeds and API integration for service provisioning and creation.


  • Turn-key, integrated white label billing instance
  • Full hierarchical resale and re-rating capability of the service to end-users
  • Flexible middleware micro-service integration

Billing platforms

Tania KinalTania


From her original vision of improving efficiency through the intelligent use of technology, Pod’s operations have come a long way. However, there will always be room for improvement and Tania Kinal is one lady who will be relentlessly striving to find it.