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Real-Time Rating & Control

As part of Pod IoT Suite, our billing module allows for real-time rating and control of service units.

Pod Bill gives you near real-time visibility of services as they are being used, allowing for granular billing control. Having this detailed, up-to-date information prevents bill-shock and allows you to manage large SIM real-estates with low levels of risk.

Our rating and control system makes it simple for you to control and allocate service units according to the available credit of a subscriber account. 

The real-time data service control authorizes granted quota allocations and thresholds through a REST API and through the Pod Protocol Interface Gateway (RADIUS and Diameter Gy) to the GGSN/P-GW. A similar REST API is used for Voice and SMS services from the Pod network components.

The result of this control allows for data services to be managed down to the byte level, and voice services to the second.


  • Manage data services to byte level, and voice services to the second
  • Near real-time visibility of services as they are being consumed
  • Manage large SIM real-estates and avoid bill-shock

Billing platforms

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From her original vision of improving efficiency through the intelligent use of technology, Pod’s operations have come a long way. However, there will always be room for improvement and Tania Kinal is one lady who will be relentlessly striving to find it.