Private Cellular Networks custom built for your enterprise

Secure, fast and flexible connectivity

Take control of your enterprise connectivity with Private LTE and 5G networks

Why use Private LTE and 5G?

The benefits of using your own Private LTE

Complete Security

A private network behind your corporate firewall, with data transmitted across the IPX backbone so it never touches the public internet.

Public & private – roam on and off

Create your own private network and seamlessly and securely connect to public LTE spectrum for global roaming and asset tracking.

Network Slicing

‘Slice’ the network into packet gateways for different device groups, managed separately for varying bandwidth, security and QoS requirements.

Own your network

Customize every aspect of your network, with a dedicated LTE connection separate from operator channels and additional IoT services tailored to your application.

Multi-user capacity

Connect a multitude of assets under the same private network with public LTE roaming between sites, and manage all accounts in one centralized platform.

True future-proofing

Adapt and expand your network, add tailored IoT services and connect new devices with differing requirements – all using the stable and reliable LTE spectrum as a stepping stone to enterprise-ready 5G.

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The benefits of Private Cellular Networks – A Stepping stone to 5G

Overcoming connectivity challenges

The advantages of 5G, now

5G promises network slicing, secure communications and dynamic bandwidth allocations – but waiting for a fully operational 5G rollout has proved frustrating, and connected enterprises need solutions now. Whilst the benefits of 5G still seem a long way off, a Private Cellular Network is the best way to securely, reliably, and cost-effectively connect all assets in a given environment now, whilst paving the way for 5G in the future.

Seamless public and private networking worldwide

Enterprise connectivity on your terms

Why working with an ENO is your best option

Own and manage your own Private Network

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