The 'Private' in Private LTE: IoT Solutions Healthcare Networks and Data Security

Download our white paper and discover how Private LTE networking makes secure, high-performance connectivity a reality for the IoT solutions healthcare industry, today.

  • Learn why Private LTE is a more reliable connectivity solution than traditional methods, such as WiFi and CAT cabling, in even the most challenging healthcare environments.
  • Find out about safeguarding sensitive patient data with this intrinsically secure private networking solution for connected health.
  • Discover how healthcare providers have complete control over network data traffic and can designate devices to roam seamlessly and securely between public and private networks.
  • Explore the advantages of network slicing, whereby different packet gateways can be customized according to the requirements of individual IoT solutions healthcare applications (bandwidth, security, user access, QoS).
  • Learn how this scalable, enterprise-wide connectivity solution can be managed from one centralized platform.

Download the white paper here:

The 'Private' in Private LTE: IoT Healthcare Networks and Data Security

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