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Startup Pricing Package

Reliable, Flexible Connectivity Packages for Startups

Just getting started? We’ll help you connect and grow.

We make it easy for startups and small businesses to get connected with our flexible, scalable pricing packages. Our deals with operators worldwide give our customers access to global IoT coverage without needing to negotiate with individual operators.

We offer resilient, reliable global IoT data connectivity, backed-up by support from a team of IoT experts.

As a small business or a startup, it can be challenging to get the right IoT connectivity. Many of the bigger operators don’t want to deal in small numbers or will tie you into long contracts. Pod Group does things differently. We understand that when you’re starting out you need flexible, scalable IoT connectivity that can grow as you do.

Our user-friendly SIM management platform makes activating your SIMs, setting data and credit limits, and performing SIM diagnostics a breeze.

Christian Sprauer, founder and CEO of Railnova, knows the struggles that smaller companies can face when dealing with big operators. ‘We were a small company ... incumbent telcos were also refusing to do business with our six-month-old company. I spoke to [Pod] one evening and we were testing the SIMs the day after.'

With Pod’s robust multi-network connectivity, Railnova is able to provide reliable cross-border railway telematics.

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What's Included:

Learn about what is included in the startup package below. if you have any questions please use the contact form below.

Custom APN
Regional Breakout
Voice Services
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2-way SMS
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Custom Roaming Profile
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Connect - Data services
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High Speed
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SIM Card
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Technical Services
eUICC/MI Compatibility Testing
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Device testing (per device)
SIM Applet Customisation
Data Usage
SIM Diagnostics
Phone Support 24x7 Mon - Fri
24x7 emergency phone support
Email Support
Expert Consultation
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Priority Troubleshooting
In-Person Expert visit to troubleshoot
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Premium Account Management
Annual Review
Quaterly Review
Monthly Review
Billing reports
Custom accounting integration
AI Analytics - *Future
Invoice generation
Customer Provided Networks (per subscriber per layer)
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Pod Protect
30-Day free trial
Advanced threat reporting
Proactive review high alerts & monthly consultation
Client Access VPN (setup)
Site-to-site VPN (setup)
Pod Connect
Secure Monitoring
Access to (monthly fee)

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Already established in the IoT market? With our sophisticated SIM management platform, hierarchical billing system, flexible connectivity packages, and 24/7 support from IoT experts you can solidify your place in the market and take your business to the next level.

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With our full enterprise package for advanced IoT companies, you get full access to our security platforms, site-to-site VPN and custom APN set up. This package is infinitely customizable and offers advice and specialized testing from our experts.

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We offer Voice, Data and SMS solutions worldwide.

We operate data coverage globally with 4 zones at an additional cost. If you're looking to learn more about our voice, data and SMS pricing then please complete the form and we'll be in touch soon.

Coverage Plan

Want a fully custom package? Our products and packages can all be mixed and matched. So don't be afraid to get in touch. We can put together a customised solution built out of our 4 core modules.

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