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SME Pricing Package

Global Connectivity for Growing IoT Companies

As experts in IoT connectivity with more than 20 years’ experience, we can help take your business to the next level.

Whether you want a global roaming SIM that offers failsafe connectivity, a single network solution in China or eUICC compatibility testing, Pod’s team of IoT experts are here to guide you.

Pod Group has 20 years’ experience of working with companies big and small within the IoT ecosystem and we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of service.

Our dedicated team of IoT experts can solve any problem, in nine languages. As well as continuous account management 20 hours a day and 24/7 emergency support we offer expert consultation, device testing, and eUICC compatibility testing.

Our agreements with global operators allow us to offer connectivity on 185 networks in 600 countries, and we’re adding more.

Access to our user-friendly IoT SIM management platform comes as standard with our connectivity and allows you to activate your SIMs, set data and credit limits, and perform SIM diagnostics.

To protect your IoT application we offer an arsenal of security services, including VPNs, advanced threat reporting and our IoT specific security services Pod Protect and Pod Connect.

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What's Included:

Learn about what is included in the sme package below. if you have any questions please use the contact form below.

Custom APN
Regional Breakout
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Voice Services
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2-way SMS
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Custom Roaming Profile
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Connect - Data services
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High Speed
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SIM Card
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Technical Services
eUICC/MI Compatibility Testing
Device testing (per device)
SIM Applet Customisation
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Data Usage
SIM Diagnostics
Phone Support 24x7 Mon - Fri
24x7 emergency phone support
Email Support
Expert Consultation
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Priority Troubleshooting
In-Person Expert visit to troubleshoot
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Premium Account Management
Annual Review
Quaterly Review
Monthly Review
Billing reports
Custom accounting integration
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AI Analytics - *Future
Invoice generation
Customer Provided Networks (per subscriber per layer)
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Pod Protect
30-Day free trial
Advanced threat reporting
Proactive review high alerts & monthly consultation
Client Access VPN (setup)
Site-to-site VPN (setup)
Pod Connect
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Secure Monitoring
Access to (monthly fee)

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This is perfect for young start-up businesses entering the IoT market. With access to our SIM management platform, hierarchical billing system, and 24/7 expert support you can easily grow into our SME and enterprise packages as you scale and expand.

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With our full enterprise package for advanced IoT companies, you get full access to our security platforms, site-to-site VPN and custom APN set up. This package is infinitely customizable and offers advice and specialized testing from our experts.

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