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Pod proud to go tiny

Published on September 29, 2016

Pod Group’s deal with Rewire Security, Bristol, UK means that Rewire’s mini 102 Magnetic Nano Tracker, one of the smallest trackers in the world weighing just 40 g, will now, along with their larger counterparts, be incorporating global, multi-network SIM cards from Pod Group. The IoT SIM cards connect to multiple networks in each country, looking for the best signal available on device start-up. When necessary they swap networks if signal is lost as devices move around. The use of multiple independent networks on the same SIM means that M2M connectivity can be backed up and data re-routed through a completely separate infrastructure in case of technical issues on the network. The extensive range of trackers available from Rewire are all compatible with the Pod Group SIM card, which means that they can continue to evolve as technology develops, without the need for time-consuming and costly device replacements or manual upgrades.

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