Pod Partners

Partnering with Pod

Partner with a trusted global connectivity provider to collaborate across the IoT ecosystem.

The PPC gives our valued OEM and software partners more control over their connectivity, while still focusing on their core business.
There are three ‘paths’ to choose from depending on your current business model, with the flexibility to change paths as our companies grow and evolve together.


Ensure your reseller and distributor channels get the connectivity service that meets their exact requirements so they are able to get to market as quickly as possible.


Compete on a level playing field with OEMs offering a proprietary connectivity solution, without the upfront investment required to develop your own platform or build beneficial operator relationships.


This commission-based structure provides you with financial benefits simply by referring your channels to a trusted connectivity partner.


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PPC Benefits:

  • A competitive advantage in the IoT ecosystem
  • Joint marketing and promotional activities
  • Enhanced reseller and distributor relationships, including discounts for your channels
  • No commitments or costs to join – Three flexible, non-exclusive partnership paths

Become a partner

If you are interested in learning more about the Pod Partner Community (PPC), please provide us with your details and we will be in touch to talk about how we can help both our businesses.

Meet our Partners

Whether you are looking for hardware or software to complete your end to end solution and help you get your products quickly to market, we can recommend the following trusted partners who share our philosophy of outstanding customer service.

Hardware Partners

Betaar3 Technologies logo


With over 3 Million deployed devices and growing, Suntech is a global leader in IoT and Telematics hardware. With a U.S. based team in San Diego, CA, Suntech U.S. is focused on providing advanced technology for its growing number of solution providers. Established in 2017, Suntech U.S. enables turnkey mobile asset and best-in-class vehicle fleet management through its partners across the USA and Canada. Suntech U.S. prides itself for the ability to offer the best product quality, competitive pricing, quick time to market, and customizable configurations.

ATrack logo


Streamax Technology is an industry-leading performer in mobile surveillance. Founded in 2002, Streamax is devoted to maximizing value for international users, distribution companies and installation companies. Our company becomes a pioneer in technological innovation with the help of 300 dedicated engineers. Streamax has obtained over 100 exclusive patents as we II as many rewards. Our solutions have worldwide applications, with over 2000,000 installations in taxis, school buses and other areas. Our remarkable achievement includes providing surveillance systems for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Shanghai Expo 2010. Streamax also enjoys international presence in milestone projects, like the Ecuador Public Transportation and USA Yellow School Buses. We continue to witness rapid and steady growth and would like to invite you to be part of our global success.

Meitrack logo


Advantech B+B provides intelligent M2M and IoT connectivity solutions for wireless and wired networks. The company designs and builds device connectivity and network infrastructure products that deliver intelligent connectivity at the “edge” of networks in remote and demanding environments. Their industrial, hardened routers and gateways simplify bringing legacy M2M networks to the modern M2M and IoT standards.

ERM logo

ERM Advanced Telematics 

Established in 1985, ERM Advanced Telematics is an electronics company focused on the design, development and manufacture of innovative vehicle security and GPS tracking solutions. Based on cutting-edge technology and developed by our brilliant teams, our product portfolio includes state-of-the-art security and tracking devices, enabling greater protection and better management of vehicles, fleets and valuable assets.

Gosafe logo


Gosafe develops and distributes GPS Fleet Management products including hardware and software solutions that utilize existing wireless network infrastructures to provide web-based vertical applications to commercial customers as well as consumers.

ATrack logo


Atrack provide stable, robust, and cost-effective devices through their global customer base of system integrators and service providers. In addition to regular developments of new products, they are particularly successful at providing customized modifications to meet project-specific requirements.

Cellocator logo


Cellocator™, Pointer Telocation’s technology Division (NASDAQ Capital Market: PNTR), is a leading Telematics solutions provider for fleet management, car and driver safety, vehicle security, and asset management.

Falcom logo


Falcom develops and offers its own AVL-, Personal- and Asset-Tracking devices using state-of-the-art cellular and GNSS technology.

Maestro Wireless Solutions logo

Maestro Wireless Solutions

Maestro Wireless Solutions designs, manufactures and sells world-wide state-of-the-art GNSS receivers, trackers, modems, routers and gateways.

Signal Craft Technologies logo

Signal Craft Technologies

SCT is an engineering design company located in Calgary, Canada. SCT is driven by the belief that doing things right the first time earns satisfied customers and lasting relationships.

Software Partners

DevicePilot logo


DevicePilot is the IoT dashboarding and analytics tool for every member of the business – so you can visualize data, see patterns and trends, and deliver projects faster. With zero code integrations and click and pick query builders, everyone can get to market faster, create proactive customer solutions, and drive efficiency improvements with IoT. For more info, visit devicepilot.com 
Gurtam logo


With offices in the United States and Eastern Europe, Gurtam provides GPS tracking solution companies with a powerful fleet intelligence software platform Wialon, which allows them to deliver a feature-rich and cost effective service to the end-user fleets globally.

Eagle.io Logo


Eagle.io is a SAAS data acquisition, storage and visualization platform that works with a wide range of dataloggers and machine data. Eagle.io manages connection, acquisition, and real-time visualization of collected data without reliance on any other third-party software, and all historic data is retained and may be easily exported for more detailed analysis in third-party software packages.

Losant logo


Losant is an IoT platform focused on application enablement. Losant reduces the complexity, cost, and time-to-market associated with building and delivering IoT applications. Our platform provides a unified development environment, which includes device registration & management, dashboarding and analytics, and a powerful drag-and-drop logic editor. Losant is trusted by many Fortune 500 brands and excels in the industrial enterprise.

Imont logo


Imont is the inventor of leading-edge device connectivity software to allow your organization to offer an IoT system.

Technical Partners

DevicePilot logo

F3 Wireless

F3 Wireless specializes in consulting, design and manufacturing services for custom wireless electronic devices. Or in buzzword speak, we make the “Thing” in the Internet of Things. For consulting we do a lot of antenna selection/integration assistance, certification and RF design review work. Our design services include RF, hardware, software, mechanical and production test disciplines and we often work hand in hand with our customer’s existing resources. Finally, our manufacturing services consist of a small group of trusted small to medium size CMs in Taiwan and Mexico that let us provide globally competitive unit costs without the multi-million dollar revenue commitment that the big CMs want.

DevicePilot logo


Arm defines the pervasive computing that shapes today’s connected world, with more than 45 million Arm-based chips embedded by Arm partners every day. Reaching beyond the chips, Arm Kigen technology is at the heart of the IoT revolution that is transforming the way people live and businesses operate. Its advanced, GSMA-compliant SIM solutions deliver eSIM functionality, remote management and high security for cellular IoT.