Pod Group launches Luner, a complete self-service IoT connectivity platform

Published on July 29, 2020

Simple “one-stop-shop” complements Pod Group’s existing portfolio, which also includes Pod IoT Suite, a modular platform for medium to large enterprises


San Francisco, USA, 29th July 2020Pod Group, a provider of platforms, software and connectivity services for the Internet of Things (IoT) has today announced the launch of its self-service connectivity platform, Luner. Designed to enable developers of IoT solutions to get quickly up and running with a global IoT connectivity solution, using a platform that enables self-onboarding and self-management of SIM cards via one intuitive interface, Luner makes global IoT connectivity easily accessible to anyone interested in developing connected devices.

Powered by Pod Group, an expert in IoT connectivity since 1999, Luner has been designed to facilitate SIM deployment and connectivity management with an easy to use, but powerful interface and API. Customers can quickly create an account via the Luner portal giving them immediate access to a wide range of global IoT SIM cards and transparent PAYG and monthly plans. Payment can be made by credit or debit card, and SIMs are shipped from one of 6 local offices across the globe, for fast delivery.  

Despite its simplicity, Luner is far from a one size fits all service. The platform allows granular management of IoT connectivity, including control of data limits and unlimited access to data usage records. Luner goes further still by offering a full API suite, enabling users to integrate the service directly into their application layer or software. 

Sam Colley, Pod Group’s CEO said, “We found that for customers starting out in IoT there is often  a requirement for a simple, self-service connectivity solution which perfectly complements our existing modular platform, Pod IoT Suite, designed for larger IoT deployments. Luner allows users to quickly test and launch applications anywhere in the world. It offers a flexible approach to product creation allowing users to autonomously order sims and get connected in a few clicks without commitments, contracts, or lock in. A marketplace will soon be added to give builders faster access to the components that power their IoT applications.”

As a launch promotion, Luner is offering $10 (or equivalent in local currency) of free credit to everyone who purchases their first SIMs before the 31st of August 2020. Visit https://luner.io/iot-sim-cards/new-customer-offer/ for more details.

About Pod Group 

Pod Group is a specialist in advanced connectivity solutions tailored to Internet of Things (IoT) applications, bringing over 20 years of experience, research and innovation to the mobile connectivity market. With offices across the globe and access to 600+ networks in 185 countries, Pod Group provides a complete suite of IoT SIM cards and connectivity solutions, including global multi-network, multi-IMSI, eUICC and LPWAN, combined with end to end IoT security, centralized connectivity management and a hierarchical billing platform. For more information on Pod’s IoT connectivity solutions, please visit:  https://www.podgroup.com/products/iot-connectivity/iot-sim-cards/

About Luner

A giant leap forward in IoT connectivity. Luner is the last word in IoT project management, with an intuitive platform, flexible pricing for all IoT SIM cards, and a suite of APIs to give users unparalleled control at all times. Explore a new world of connectivity at https://luner.io


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