Pod Group Expands into Central and South America with Flex-GPS Fleet Management Solutions

Published on September 11, 2015

Cross border, multi-network connectivity enables Flex-GPS to enter new markets

CTIA Super Mobility, Las Vegas – Pod Group, the expert in multi-network data SIMs for the M2M and IoT industries, has today announced that Flex-GPS has selected its cross border, multi network solution for the American continent including coverage on multiple networks across North, South and Central America. With this agreement, Pod Group has expanded its reach into Central and South America which is a key focus for the company.

Flex-GPS specializes in developing business solutions and products using satellite tracking technology, based on Gurtam´s robust platform. Nowadays, many people are familiar with the traditional GPS systems to track ships or vehicles but Flex-GPS are taking this technology to the next level, integrating with emerging technologies to create a new generation of devices and applications designed to increase productivity, minimize the risk of accidents, improve safety and provide its customers with the necessary tools to increase the efficiency of their processes.

Recently Flex-GPS changed its business model and expanded its operations into several South American countries. They were looking for one or several providers of data for each country but it was difficult to find providers that understood the connectivity requirements sufficiently and could offer the wide coverage, competitive pricing and 24/7 technical support needed. The connectivity of the devices became a problem that limited the development of the project, since coverage could only be provided in some cities in each of the target countries. When Pod Group offered its multi-network SIM, in addition to fulfilling the above requirements it also gave Flex-GPS the added value of wider and better coverage which was immediately seen as an advantage by their customers. Flex-GPS wasted no time in swapping all its customers’ SIMs for the multi-network SIMs.

The cross border, multi-network solution provided by Pod Group has been created specifically for remote and roaming M2M applications to ensure seamless connectivity as devices enter new countries. The solution provides a flat rate across North, Central and South America, and the SIM automatically detects the country the device is in and swaps to the correct network. Once in the country, if signal is lost on one network, the device will automatically swap networks to avoid loss of connectivity.

Diomedes Quezada, Business Development Specialist at Flex-GPS, said, “The Pod Group solution has allowed us to enter new markets with an aggressive growth strategy. Thanks to the added value from the Pod Group multi network SIMs and the competitive prices on offer, our service distinguishes us from our competitors and this has enabled us to obtain significant contracts.” He added; “We are now starting to discover how important Pod Group is to our expansion plans. Over time Pod Group has become more than just a supplier and has developed into a strategic partner”

Pod Group CEO Sam Colley added, “We are delighted that our solution is helping Flex GPS to open new markets. Our solution is designed to form an integral part of our customers´ growth strategy and our flat rates and multi network, cross border coverage have been developed exactly for that purpose. In addition, our multi-lingual support is provided by M2M experts who are focused on working closely with our customers to help them grow their businesses.”

Pod Group’s MD Charles Towers-Clark said, “Our relationship with Flex GPS is a classic example of our company mission, to help our customers grow by putting ourselves in their shoes and providing the best solution possible. This is an exciting opportunity for both companies which opens up new markets across the American continent.”

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Editor’s Notes

The Pod Group Best Signal Multi Network SIM is available now with flat-rate data across the American continent and Europe.
Further information about Flex GPS: www.flexgps.net

About Pod Group

Pod Group is a specialist in complete connectivity solutions tailored to Internet of Things (IoT) applications, bringing over 20 years of experience, research and innovation to the mobile connectivity market. With offices across the globe and access to 600+ networks in 185 countries, Pod Group provides global multi-network, multi-IMSI, eUICC and LPWAN connectivity solutions combined with end to end IoT security, centralized connectivity management and a hierarchical billing platform.

About Flex GPS

Flex-GPS is a technology company that specializes in developing business solutions and products using satellite tracking technology. Many people are familiar with the concept of using GPS to track ships or vehicles but Flex-GPS are exploiting the potential of this technology to create a new generation of devices and applications which aim to increase productivity, improve safety and extend the reach of their clients’ businesses.

Flex-GPS currently serves customers in North and South America and worldwide from branches in USA, Colombia, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.  www.flexgps.net

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