Pod Group Enables Retrieva Dogs to Roam Across Europe

Published on November 22, 2011

Manufacturer of World´s Most Advanced Dog Tracking Collar Incorporates MultiNet SIM Cards to Create “Premium” Roaming Collars

Pod Group, the expert in multi-network data SIMs for the M2M industry, has today announced that its MultiNet Europe SIM cards have been selected by Retrieva, manufacturer of the world´s most advanced dog tracking collar, to enable the company to further expand its reach into Europe. The MultiNet Europe SIM roams on every network in every European country for a fixed low cost, enabling Retrieva to market premium roaming collars for use beyond British shores.

For Retrieva, a key advantage of the Pod Group MultiNet Europe SIM is that it automatically switches between networks if coverage is patchy or if a network is not available, so that the device remains connected. This has enabled Retrieva not only to offer its tracking collar throughout the whole of Europe, but also to customers in remote areas of the UK which would not normally receive coverage from Retrieva´s current UK mobile provider.

The collars incorporate three different tracking technologies, GPS (satellite), GPRS (mobile data) and radio frequency to ensure the most reliable tracking system available. The dog´s position can be viewed in real time from the user´s mobile phone.

“Having already established a broad customer base in the UK, we faced a challenge when demand for our dog collars began to increase in Europe,” commented Andy Stuart, one of the founders of Retrieva.

“Although we had been working with a UK telecoms provider, finding a way to standardize prices throughout the whole of Europe and avoiding roaming costs became paramount.”

The company initially asked customers to purchase their own local SIM which they then sent to Retrieva to be incorporated into the device, but they soon realized that this would not be practical on a large scale. “Discovering Pod Group’s MultiNet Europe SIM has put us streets ahead, enabling us to offer a comprehensive, premium service to European customers,” continued Andy Stuart. “Previously, we as a company had to assume the risk of roaming costs if a customer frequently used the device abroad, whereas now this risk has been almost entirely eliminated.”

The Pod Group MultiNet Europe IoT SIM cards are just one in a range of multi-network SIMs offered by the company, enabling manufacturers of roaming M2M devices and applications to develop products that can roam both on different networks within European countries and across European borders for a low fixed monthly cost with no risk of roaming charges or bill shocks.

Charles Towers-Clark, CEO of Pod Group commented; “We are delighted to be working with a company as innovative as Retrieva. You can’t tell a dog to stay in zones with mobile phone coverage and this is a great example of how a MultiNet SIM can enable M2M companies to offer premium services and eliminate issues associated with roaming costs or patchy coverage in rural areas. The MultiNet SIM automatically connects to the next available network if coverage is lost, making it the ideal solution for this type of application.”

The MultiNet Europe SIM is available now from Pod Group. For more information and pricing, please visit www.podgroup.com.

About Pod Group

Pod Group is a specialist in complete connectivity solutions tailored to Internet of Things (IoT) applications, bringing over 20 years of experience, research and innovation to the mobile connectivity market. With offices across the globe and access to 600+ networks in 185 countries, Pod Group provides global multi-network, multi-IMSI, eUICC and LPWAN connectivity solutions combined with end to end IoT security, centralized connectivity management and a hierarchical billing platform.

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About Retrieva

Retrieva is a UK based company established to develop practical, user-friendly consumer products using the very latest tracking and communication technologies.

The Retrieva dog collar is a robust, waterproof, intelligent tracking device designed to enhance the safety, security and welfare of your dog.  Using a system designed for purpose, the Retrieva collar can be tracked virtually anywhere in the world.  Designed for a comfortable fit for the collar will provide live tracking to your mobile phone or to the Retrieva mapping panel accessed via the internet.

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