Pod Culture


At Pod Group, our way of doing things is a little bit different. Find out below why putting people first is not as WEIRD as it sounds.

What we do

Launching services which bring real recurring revenue is not an easy task.
That’s where we come in…

Our platforms are designed for people, not machines. People who have great ideas for recurring services, but don’t have the infrastructure to bill them. People who want to offer their customers great service, but don’t want to hire a technical support team. People who just want to sell their connected devices, rather than negotiating with operators. We find out what people want, and then create the tools to help them.

What we think

To adapt to the opportunities that AI, IoT, and sensor technology will bring, we came up with a strategy to emphasize those skills that make us human.

Our philosophy is WEIRD (yes, that’s actually what it’s called).W.E.I.R.D. – Wisdom, Emotional intelligence, Initiative, Responsibility, and Development. We work where and when we like, we speak nine languages (sometimes in one conversation), and choose our own salaries. But we don’t drop the ball and we’re responsible for our work. Some of us like to talk to machines, some to people; some know our partners personally, some our platforms; but we all control our own destiny. This is how WEIRD works – oddly enough, if you let people choose how to do their work, they actually want to do it.

What Pushes Our Buttons

We love the excitement of technological innovation and everything it can do for humankind. But the human element is becoming lost as we move from Machine to Machine, to Internet of Things, to Artificial Intelligence and beyond.

We want to bring some personality back into tech, which is why we work alongside our customers to understand what they are trying to achieve, and adapt our platforms and services to suit them.