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PLI Satellite Tracking – Fleet Telematics Case Study

Published on July 13, 2020


PLI produces new-generation devices to offer a series of competitive advantages and flexible solutions which can be customized to meet client needs and requirements. PLI develops all its own hardware and software thanks to a team of multidisciplinary engineers who strive for continuous technological development to become leaders in Central America.

The Application

Historic and real-time fleet monitoring, including location, work and/or transfer time, among others, serving to increase the efficiency of functions and controls. Vehicle tracking and immobilization, real-time monitoring, route optimization, application for iPhone and Android, email and text message alerts, speeding alerts, visit control, creation of custom points of interest, vehicle battery voltage status, work time control, route log for all journeys or specific time ranges, multiple sensors and inlets such as temperature sensors, panic buttons, open door sensors, driver identification, accelerometers and yaw sensors (G-force), among others. Highly versatile equipment that is compatible with other electronic devices and sensors.

The Problem

Given the issues surrounding insecurity and the increasingly complex technologies used to commit crimes, PLI clients must ensure that their devices stay connected even when their vehicles travel through remote regions or areas with patchy coverage. Pod Group SIM cards are undoubtedly the best option as they guarantee that devices stay connected.

The Solution

The Single Network Native Solution SIM cards used by PLI offer automatic coverage across the Americas with no roaming charges. As well as offering very competitive rates, the SIMs are also integrated with Pod IoT Suite, Pod Group’s user-friendly SIM management platform, which offers a fully modular set of IoT solutions, customizable to your needs. PLI uses Pod’s connectivity technology in M2M devices in the Dominican Republic and the Carribean. “We chose Pod for their competitive rates. Other telecommunications companies couldn’t offer us the coverage or price, and those companies that did have network coverage were expensive for M2M applications – that’s why we finally decided to work exclusively with Pod Group”, explains Johnny Kingman, Manager of PLI Satellite Tracking.

About the Company


Headquartered in San José, Costa Rica, PLI produces new-generation devices with advanced technology, offering tracking solutions renowned for being highly secure thanks to the technical and physical characteristics

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