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IoT solutions – in fact the IoT in general – is a rapidly evolving space. Technologies, standards, challenges, they all change continuously. Pod Group is dedicated to innovation and staying one step ahead of the crowd.

Our Research and Innovation team collaborates with national institutions, startups, and multi-national telcos to get the latest IoT solutions and technology into your hands.

Check out some of our current projects below. If you have any questions or you would like to work with us get in touch.

What are we working on?

SIM Apps (Applets Development)

Through our Research and Innovation team, we’re implementing embedded applications that improve the coverage, reliability, and security of IoT solutions from within the SIM card.

Data HeartBeat for Roaming Self-Healing

A data monitor embedded on the SIM card. The app will swap network carriers on poor signal strength or when local data outages happen. Our heartbeat server will notify you of any issues and suggest troubleshooting options to keep your device connected.

Download Data HeartBeat Diagram (PDF) 

APN Auto-configuration

Forget about having to manually configure your APN on your device. This SIM app will do it for you, making massive IoT/M2M device provisioning scenarios easier and more efficient.

Some of our applets have been fully developed and are now available to our customers. Learn more about our:

eUICC and Embedded SIM Technology

Our R&I team have been hard at work developing a rigorous testing system to determine whether devices are compatible with this new technology. Get your device tested and be sure you’re ready for the future of IoT solutions and SIM technology.

The new GSMA eSIM standard, called eUICC, is being called upon to replace all traditional SIM / USIM stock for the M2M / IoT solutions market. Its embedding capability and ability to store multiple SIM profiles in the same chip gives manufacturers greater control over their devices.

While other eUICC solutions will only offer one standard SIM profile for each roaming partner, our vision is radically different: to offer an operational Priority Roaming SIM Profile (with Multi-IMSI capabilities) plus a failsafe multi-network SIM profile.

Open Source

We’re firm believers in Open Source. By working together and sharing knowledge we can build better IoT solutions and a better IoT ecosystem.

Have a look at our open source projects on GitHub. You’ll find some of our SIM apps, a library to interact with modems, and an app to find out if your carrier is steering your connectivity.

We’re also proud of providing the best and most updated MCC-MNC open database. Download it for your purposes or play with it in our Steering Preferences Builder at

The Things Network Sevilla

We are proud to be the founders of The Things Network Sevilla, a publicly owned and built open-source LoRaWAN network. Even though it is early days for the project, we have already successfully deployed 12 IoT access points in our network and have plans for several more.

We’ve been supported in our innovative work by the European Commission, the European Union, the University of Seville, and the Council of Andalucia.

felix of Pod Group - IoT Connectivity Expert

R&D Director

Félix OntañónFélix

Director of Research and Innovation

Responsible for the Research and Innovation department at Pod Group, with an emphasis on IoT Connectivity, LPWANs, Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing.