“The business case for enterprise ownership of networks is more than compelling, it’s overwhelming”

One global enterprise network employed as a fully secured service

This detailed report examines the business case for owning a service that unifies private and public networks and enables seamless, secure roaming. As well as this, enterprise ownership of networks enables businesses and other organizations to run multiple use case scenarios on a single network, determine user authorization, how resources are employed, how traffic is prioritized, and ensures that critical data remains on-site.

Pod Group’s latest offering, ENO ONE, does exactly that. The combination of Giesecke+Devrient’s eSIM technology plus Pod Group’s public and private networking expertise has facilitated the development and deployment of IoT solutions, since it offers the ability to access and manage a global service that functions as one unified enterprise network.

In this comprehensive industry report we discuss:

How secure roaming between public and private networks is possible

G+D’s secure eSIM technology

The role of the eSIM in future proof private networks

How working with an ENO can help your enterprise

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