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MEF Webinar Summary – Global IoT Connectivity

Published on February 18, 2020

Our management expert Alistair Elliott was a featured industry expert on the MEF’s latest Internet of Things webinar ‘Maximising the Opportunity for Global IoT Connectivity’. Alistair was in discussion with Sam Barker, Lead Analyst of Juniper Research, Kim Bybjerg, VP, IoT and Mobility at Tata Communications, and host Andrew Parkin-White, Mobile IoT Advisor for the MEF.

Discussing the state of the global IoT connectivity market and how different IoT technologies are changing to global market demands, Alistair and the other industry experts covered the most prominent issues facing the world of IoT connectivity today. Starting with a look at today’s key markets (US, China and Europe) and which regions will soon become prominent growth areas (Latin America), Alistair made the case that MVNOs are much better placed to serve the global connectivity demands of enterprise users than MNOs that are less experienced in IoT.

The panel also covered emerging connectivity technologies, discussing the merits and drawbacks of 5G, NB-IoT for which roaming may be a challenge, and eSIMs, a pre-requisite for global MVNOs that can differentiate them further from larger national operators.

View the entire webinar here and dive into the world of global IoT connectivity.

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