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Are Your IoT SIM Cards And Solutions Secure Enough?

Trial includes:

  • Two global multi-network IoT SIM cards with 5 MB of data each.
  • Access to Pod IoT Suite, Pod’s modular IoT connectivity platform, and Pod Secure dashboard.
  • Pod Protect, for detection of network anomalies and real-time alerts.
  • Custom network security reports and recommendations for defending your IoT solutions against the latest threats.

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Why do IoT SIM cards need specific security solutions?

  • The devices used in IoT solutions do not support traditional IT security such as firewalls.
  • Constantly patching remote/global devices is expensive and impractical.
  • Scalability is a key issue for IoT solutions that require end-to-end security.
  • Beecham Research: 71% of IoT adopters said security is their biggest challenge.
  • Subex: Cybersecurity budgets are rising, but most of this money goes to restoring breached systems.

Pod Group has made the security of IoT solutions the cornerstone of our comprehensive
Pod IoT Suite platform.


Pod Connect is a private, secure data channel between the devices used in your IoT solutions and a data center or cloud service – completely separate from the public internet.

Pod Protect is an agentless, network-based security monitoring product that can monitor billions of devices and alert you in real-time.

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