IoT testing tools for seamless performance

Pod Verify ensures your devices are compatible with the latest connectivity technologies

Put an end to pain points arising from device incompatibility

Why Pod Verify?

Cost Efficiencies

Ensure your device is compatible with the connectivity services you need before you scale, avoiding unnecessary changes and truck rolls post-deployment.

Personalized Consultancy

Advice on the best configuration for your device to ensure compatibility with global networks and more efficient troubleshooting.

Advanced Services

Access to the latest services such as OTA updates, eUICC and our advanced range of SIM apps to future-proof your device and resolve issues in the field.

Test in 3 easy steps

Preliminary self-test for eUICC device compatibility in 3 easy steps

We’ll send you a Pod self-test SIM with our eUICC compatibility applet

When it arrives, put the self-test SIM in your IoT device and turn it on.

We will receive a notification and will let you know if your device can support eUICC

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