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IoT Solutions in Africa

Published on November 03, 2020

The IoT Solutions Helping African Logistics Companies

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Pivoting to Beat COVID-19: How IoT Solutions are Helping

    Restricted movement, limited facilities, enforced lockdowns. Different measures are being implemented across the globe to try and control the coronavirus outbreaks and slow the spread of infections. While the age-old saying goes that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’, would businesses operating amidst the current pandemic agree? With endless reports from around the world on the negative impact of COVID-19 on the economy and significant disruption to supply and demand, it would appear not. However, Pod Group’s interviews with companies in the emerging African market seem to suggest that there are new opportunities to be had and IoT solutions are playing their part…

    So, why is it that providers of telematics and logistics solutions in Africa can see the silver lining?

    Download our latest report and find out how investing in IoT solutions is helping African logistics companies advance their applications and pivot their businesses to close the gaps in the market as customer needs change amidst the pandemic.

    • See how digitisation is enabling companies to adapt their current solutions to broaden their services and create new revenue streams.
    • Learn about the multi-network connectivity solution that offers continuous, reliable coverage throughout Africa, maximizing uptime in remote areas and across borders.
    • Discover how a modular management platform gives application users complete visibility and control of their IoT SIM base.
    • Get an insight into how companies are able to integrate external software solutions, such as fleet data analytics, in their management platform to offer value-added services.
    • Learn how to secure IoT SIM cards in the field by only granting network access to devices with authorized identification numbers.
    • Find out about the different customer support options available and how choosing a specialist IoT connectivity provider can see issues resolved quickly and efficiently.

    COVID-19 has hit the logistics sector in emerging markets such as Africa very hard, but it is amazing to see how a flexible mindset and innovative use of technology has given some of these companies the cutting edge. The ability to connect, manage and secure their vehicle fleets remotely has enabled them to target new customers in high value sectors, and in some cases, change their business model completely.

    David Boxshall, Business Development Director

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