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IoT SIM Cards Built for World-Leading Global Applications

Looking for IoT SIM cards? We offer a huge range of international data roaming SIM cards, Multi-IMSI SIMs, and eSIMs. Our SIMs offer robust, reliable connectivity on 600+ networks in 185 countries.

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IoT SIM Cards With Global Coverage

All our IoT SIM cards and packages can be tailored to suit your individual needs. From cost-effective single network SIMs to multi-network IoT SIMs which allow your device to roam effortlessly across borders, we can connect your IoT application.

600+ networks in 185 countries
One global SIM on one Access Point Name (APN)
User-friendly SIM management platforms for everyone
24/7 support from our team of IoT experts

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Pod Unlocks Doors

Klevio’s app enables its users to remotely unlock their doors. Pod’s resilient connectivity ensures that Klevio’s customers can always access the app’s features.

Here is what they said about us:

‘We chose on both price and performance. We parallel tested a lot of providers, and the SIMs from Pod Group provided the best connection and fastest ping in low-reception environments,’ Mark Curling, COO and co-founder of Klevio.

Why Choose Our IoT SIM Cards?

Flexible, Tailored Connectivity


We offer a range of IoT SIM cards, tailored to your connectivity needs. We ensure your device stays connected, even in challenging environments.

Worldwide IoT Coverage

IoT Sim Cards

With 600+ networks in 185 countries, six global offices and a team that speaks 12 languages, Pod Group is a truly global IoT connectivity provider.

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Looking for more than just IoT connectivity? We offer a range of other IoT related products. From connectivity management platforms to SIM applets. Find out more about our products.

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