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Expand Across the World With Our Global IoT SIM Cards

Are you looking to expand beyond Singapore? We offer global IoT SIMs to help you expand throughout Asia and worldwide.

We offer expert support, with no long-term commitments and no deposits required, enabling you to grow your business without risk or compromise.

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Expand Your Business With Our IoT SIM Cards

We offer high-bandwidth, global connectivity at local rates across Asia. We’re an international company with 20 years experience in IoT connectivity, with an office in Hong Kong dedicated to supporting our customers in Asia Pacific. 

Our IoT SIM cards come with no long-term commitments and no deposits required, enabling you to grow your business across Asia and worldwide without risk.

No commitments and no deposits
Expert support from our team in Hong Kong
Our IoT SIMs cover all networks in Asia
Our global presence helps you expand into markets worldwide.

Call: +852 5803 2400


Springboard - Customer Behavior Insights

Springboard measures customer activity, demographics, and sentiment to provide accurate data for retail destinations. Pod Group provides reliable connectivity and 24/7 customer support.

‘We can’t fault the customer service and the knowledge that the SIMs will work first time out of the box,’ Chris Clutterbuck, Technical Solutions Manager.

Why Choose Our Global IoT SIM Cards?

No Deposit, No Commitment

Trial our SIMs immediately with no deposit and no commitment. You can expand across Asia and into global markets without risk.

Global Coverage

Our multi-network SIM cards offer coverage on 600+ networks in 185 countries, including coverage in every country in Asia.

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Looking for more than just IoT connectivity? We offer a range of other IoT related products. From connectivity management platforms to IoT-specific security solutions. Find out more about our products.

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