Enhanced IoT security solutions for ultimate protection

Don’t overlook the importance of securing your IoT network

No business can afford IoT security risks

Pod Connect

IoT security with complete privacy, low latency and no interference

Total privacy

A completely secure communications channel with no access from the public internet.

Real-time communications

Significantly decreased latency means devices can communicate in close to real-time.

Highest capacity

Much higher capacity than a public internet connection – no interference and no bandwidth sharing.

Zero packet loss

Packet loss is minimized or eradicated due to a lack of interference from public channels.

Global redundancy

Multiple connection points in Europe and the US provide a strong, reliable connection worldwide.

Direct connection

Connect directly from your data center or cloud service to your site for ultimate efficiency.

Pod Protect

Heuristic IoT network monitoring protects against all network-based threats

Multi-tier detection

Signature-based, heuristic, and anomaly-based threat detection provide three layers of threat detection.

Real-time learning

Machine learning algorithm compares its findings with real-time global threat updates to improve detection.

Zero latency

As a network-based solution, there is no lag time between incoming traffic and security alerts.

Network-based security

No on-device computing power, applications, or integration required from you.

Infinitely scalable

Agentless monitoring enables billions of devices to be monitored at any given time.

Alerting and control

Learns what traffic is normal for your network, and alerts you to suspicious traffic to constantly improve detection.


Site-to-Site VPN designed specifically for the demands of IoT security

Device privacy

Secure valuable IoT data with a VPN designed specifically for IoT communications.

Encrypted networking

VPNs are provided using IPsec VPN or IPsec encrypted GRE Tunnels.

Expert support

24/7 support from IoT experts who understand IoT security needs.

Site-to-site security

Keep your data private from site to site with Pod’s virtual private network.

Global protection

Deployed from each of our global Points of Presence for worldwide protection.

Client Access IPsec VPN

Allow safe ad-hoc customer access to your allocated network without compromising devices.

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